…to provide a free of charge media service and person based engagement to create world class musical pieces with and for special people to whom the selfish, boisterous, and discriminating media industry has shut its doors on.

Unless an alternative venue is arranged, the plan is to come to you wherever you are in England on an agreed date one month in advance, and spend five afternoons creating a music album with you…

During the sessions, we will take time to understand you and especially to establish the areas you are strong on. This will help determine the level of involvement the volunteer(s) are to bring in. Volunteers involved are always CRB checked and will be at large trained Support Workers.

Your choice, desires and aspirations are of prime importance in all this, and so you will be given a chance to express your wises and desires.

After a risk assessment with a local manager in yuor service, we will bring with us at least one keyboard, computer, microphone, and any other instrument deemed necessary.

Unless there are really exceptional circumstances, your CD will be ready and printed on the last day of the sessions (which can be either 3 day/ 5 days)

The CD is yours (copyrighted to you) and we will NOT make any copies unless upon your express request which must be written. We leave the responsibility of re-printing to you or any other person possessing legal custodianship.