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Those who were weak and already giving up will now be able to lift their heads in both pride and confidence as they display their new found abilities and sharpened skills.

Liquid Rhythm Media strives to provide

– A World Class, person centred media and music-making resource for elderly people and those of other ages who have learning disabilities, who have become marginalised by society due to their disabilities or age. As a moto, Liquid Rhythm seeks to erase the word ‘disability’ from the English vocabulary and to quickly replace it with the phrase ‘a different ability’!

BACKGROUND: – “The Liquid Rhythm concept was inspired and founded by a lady who for the purpose of privacy I shall call ‘Irene’, and who through her passion for liquid-sounding music patterns gave birth to this movement. It all started with a song she authored and began playing with a tambourine in hand seconds before the whole building exploded in singing as 5 other people, men and women began to sing aloud to the tune. The song, combined with her passion for liquid sounding music patterns then all began to build up into the Liqui Rhythm concept.

Through Irene, many will now benefit from this movement which is now  set to bridge the gap between the so called ‘able’ and the  so called ‘disabled.’ ”

Are you a musician with a philanthropic, selfless heart?Then Liquid Rhythm may be your easy way to create music with those who have been victimised by today’s selfish, boisterous, and discriminating media industry and yet possess unique abilities yet known to mankind. They have within their hearts millions of unreleased beats and tunes, and yet people shut their doors on them. As the pages of time unfold, together we shall now reveal to the world who the real musicians are! Join this historic movement


A Special thank you to the following who assisted in the production of ‘Music Tambourine.’  These guys are real gold!  :

  • Rosie Firth (lead singer)
  • Susan Waugh (secondary composer)
  • Crispen Munyaradzi (accompaniment-vocals)
  • Joe Nyathi (accompaniment-vocals)


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